Brian G. Wolf

Representing over 25 years of experience in retirement planning, estate planning, wealth preservation and family legacy planning.


Founder & C.E.O. of Wolf Wealth Advisors, Inc.

Brian has over 25 years of experience in retirement planning, estate planning, wealth preservation and family legacy planning. 

Brian has an A.A. degree from Golden Valley Lutheran College and a B.A. degree from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD.  He has taught in Minnesota public schools and at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN.  As a current faculty member at Kaplan Professional Schools, Brian teaches thousands of financial professionals his business ethics course. He   has also been a Vice President of a bank, a Regional Vice President for two large insurance companies, a Divisional Vice President of a securities broker dealer and a volunteer fireman.

As a public speaker, author, consultant and athlete, Brian has traveled to 49 states and 25 different countries.  His talents have been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines and heard on radio and television stations throughout the United States and Europe.

In 2004 he authored the book "Please Pass the Memories.”

Brian enjoys working with various charities and community organizations and formerly served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association.

In 1985 Brian placed 5th at the National Pentathlon Track & Field Championships and was nationally ranked in the Decathlon as well. Later that year he was recruited by the United States Bobsled Federation and set a new athletic scoring record at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid NY. In 1987 he became the National 2-Man Bobsled Champion and set 2 American records in the 4-man bobsled. As a competitor at the 1996 World Firefighter Games in Edmonton Canada, he earned 5 gold medals. Today Brian continues to challenge himself with activities like bull riding, parachuting and competing in the Ironman Triathlon in 2010 (2.4 mile swim, 110 mile bike, 26.2 mile marathon). 

Brian & Debbie have 5 children and enjoy residences in Waverly MN and Andover MN.


The Ethics Instructor

Years ago Brian Wolf believed that there was a real need for ethics training within the insurance and financial planning community. At that time ethics courses were not required as part of the insurance continuing education requirements for the State of Minnesota. Brian developed an ethics course for Kaplan Professional Schools and began teaching his course in 2009. Today not only is his course approved by the State of Minnesota for continuing education for insurance professionals, but an ethics course is now required in order to keep an insurance license in Minnesota.

Brian has now taught his business ethics course to thousands
of financial professionals.

 Brian's book....
Please Pass the Memories...


Book Reviews:

A wonderful idea and a beautiful book! The information is priceless for those left behind and how I wish it had been there in my grandma's time....the information and personal touches are invaluable.
- Betty White, Actress, The Golden Girls

I absolutely love this book! Every family should have a copy!
- Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News

A Great idea! If grandparents take the time to relate some of their past experiences and knowledge to their grandchildren, it will be very beneficial to preserving their heritage and definitely maintain a closeness of family.
- Lou Nanne, Former NHL player, coach and GM, MN North Stars

A helpful fill-in-the-blanks manual, complete with prompting questions, to encourage seniors to pass on their rich life experience to their children and grandchildren.
- George K. Brushaber, President, Bethel University

A wonderful tool for parents and grandparents to enrich the history and genealogy of families. Thank you for your effort to reinforce family values through knowledge and understanding of past perceptions and beliefs.
- Robert J. Schmidt, Executive Director, MN Assoc. of Secondary School Principals

Having many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, Mary Kay would have loved the idea and mission behind this book. Those who take the time to answer the questions in the book will create wonderful memories for generations to come. Wonderful endeavor!
- Jennifer Cook, Museum Director, Mary Kay Inc.

A timely resource in an age of rapid technology change. What has been lost in the age of advancement is the ability to connect deeply with the generations before. Definitely a tool to assist us in doing just that.
- Dan Simonson, M.S., Licensed Psychologist

 Book Overview

As our lifetimes fly by, we become aware that our later years are different than those of our youth. Daily we meet new experiences, lifestyles, local and national events, and challenges we never dreamed of.

Historians scramble to interpret and write of the times of our lives. They know the present and future value of documenting the great events of our day. No less important are the events on our daily lives. The difference for most of us is that our actions do not affect as many people as those with celebrity status, like politicians, entertainers, scientists, or authors.

But our families and close friends want and need us to preserve our personal memories, both joyful and sad. Few people take the time to record their life stories for their families or loved ones. As a result, future generations will lose the thousands of wonderful memories of their parents and grandparents.

Now is the time to record and preserve your memories. By simply writing, tape recording, or video taping your answers to the questions in this step-by-step format, you will create a priceless keepsake to pass to the next generation. Whatever method you choose, your family will cherish your gift.

What better way to honor your family, than with the gift of your memories?